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Regular Wide Air Jetted 'CHRISTOFORO59' 59" CoreAcryl Acrylic French Bateau Pedestal Tub with Aged Chrome Exterior plus Faucet Package

Heated Air Jetted Regular Wide 'CHRISTOFORO59' 59" CoreAcryl Acrylic French Bateau Pedestal Tub with Aged Chrome Exterior plus Faucet P

Alternative Views:

Regular Wide Spec. 59" Tub
Regular Wide Drain Installation
Regular Wide Tub Installation

LUXWIDE Spec. 59" Tub
LUXWIDE Drain Installation
LUXWIDE Tub Installation

Freestanding Faucet Installation
Wall Mounted Faucet Installation

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Photo (one) left shows 5'8" person 150 lbs inside Regular Tub
Photo (two) left shows 5'8" person 150 lbs inside LUXWIDE Tub

Price: $3,195.00

Availability:: Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Weeks
Product Code: HAJ-CHRISTO59

Tub Size*:
Supply Regular Wide
Supply LUXWIDE [Add $100.00]

Aged Chrome Sheen*:
High Gloss (no extra)
Eggshell Flat (no extra)
Send Samples to Help Me Decide (no cost)

Chromotherapy Light*:
Don't add a light
Add 7-color option light [Add $225.00]

Ozone Sanitizing*:
Don't add ozone
Add ozone [Add $175.00]

Faucet Options*:
Supply Faucet as Described (no extra)
Supply Faucet as Wall Mount [Subtract -$79.00]
No Faucet Thanks, Drain Only [Subtract -$195.00]

Faucet Choice if Supplied:
Empire in Chrome (no extra)
Empire in Brushed Nickel (no extra)
Empire in Oil Rubbed Bronze (no extra)
Empire in Polished Nickel (no extra)
Empire in Unlacquered Polished Brass (no extra)
Expo in Chrome (no extra)
Expo in Brushed Nickel (no extra)
Expo in Polished Nickel (no extra)
Expo in Unlacquered Polished Brass (no extra)

Drain and Overflow Finish*:
Chrome (no extra)
Brushed Nickel (no extra)
Oil Rubbed Bronze (no extra)
Polished Nickel (no extra)
Unlacquered Polished Brass (no extra)
Flat Black (no extra)

Description Extended Information
Air Jetted Regular Wide 'CHRISTOFORO59' 59" CoreAcryl Acrylic French Bateau Pedestal Tub with Aged Chrome Exterior plus Faucet Package (photo here shows 67" version)

Product Details
The gorgeous shape of this pedestal tub is made even more elegant when finished in aged chrome. While the exterior definitely looks like metal, it shows what appears to be the effects of natural aging on the surface. The apparent shade difference between the pedestal and actual tub is due to reflected light. On a dark floor, the chrome will also look darker on the tub.

Heated Air Jetting
The heated air jetting system simply adds to the luxury of this beautiful tub. All of the 18 jets are in the floor of the tub. The 'Ultra-Quiet' heated blower is hidden away inside the pedestal. For additional safety and to comply with cUL regulations, there is a non-return valve after the blower as well as a matching aged chrome finish Hartford Loop on the outside at the back of the tub. These prevent any water in the system feeding back into the blower. The heated air system requires a dedicated 15 amp GFCI to connect to.

Exterior Finishing
The exterior of the tub is sanded and primed ready for application. After applying three coats of specially prepared high gloss black we gradually add a specially developed chrome particle paint. The exterior is allowed to dry and harden for two days to leave the resulting faded or aged chrome look. For protection, we finish the exterior with two coats of protective clear lacquer.

Care and Maintenance
The surface is very simple to maintain. To clean the exterior, just wipe with a soft damp cloth. For interior cleaning, we recommend a hot, damp soapy soft cloth, we don't recommend anything abrasive. Never use bleach, ammonia or any scouring powders on either the tub or the fittings, these will cause damage.
For serious stains inside your tub, we recommend a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge pad.