Heated Air Jetting, Blower Placement, and Safety

Why Air Jetting?

Heated air jets are often included in bathtub designs that offer water therapy. While many manufacturers make claims about how air jets can be beneficial to health, we can’t find any medical precedent for this, but we do know that they feel nice running over your body, back, feet and legs. While the air is heated, the actual air flow will always remain cooler than the water in which you are bathing, especially at the start of the bath as the blower will be sucking in ambient air and the heater won’t be up to temperature. If you don’t like the feel of the initial cool air, we suggest you switch the jetting on for a minute before getting in and this will remove the initial shock.

Blower Placement

Blower placement depends on the style of the tub. On our clawfoot tubs, we can only supply remote blowers. These can be expensive to install as the air hose will often need to be run to an adjacent bedroom cupboard, inside the drywall. On pedestal and skirted tubs, this is not an issue. The blower can be included within the body of the bathtub and will only need electrical connection nearby.


For UL approvals and general electrical safety, an air loop is required to prevent the water from possibly running back into the blower. Also required is one approved mechanical back-flow prevention valve. On our air-jetted tubs, we incorporate these safety items as standard.