LUXWIDE ‘Carlito-ACH73’ 73″ WHITE CpreAcryl Acrylic French Bateau Clawfoot Tub with an Aged Chrome Exterior plus Drain


Cast iron claw feet
Integrated drain with round overflow cover
Pop-up tub drain plus tail piece

Tub requires a freestanding or wall mounted faucet (not included)
High gloss white tub interior and Aged Chrome exterior
High gloss ‘easy clean’ slip resistant floor
Heavy duty CoreAcryl acrylic tub with 5mm acrylic inner and outer skins
In tub body aluminum sheet insulation
Reinforced 3/4″ shell thickness with narrow air gap
Reinforced tub base, weight tested to 1000 lbs
Approved and listed to ASME, ANSI and CSA standards
MA Code accepted

Printer Friendly Spec Sheet
Drain Assembly Without Hub

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Aged Chrome Sheen Comparison

Aged Chrome High Gloss looks like a polished version of old metal, a more lustrous appearance.
Aged Chrome Eggshell Gloss looks duller and more subdued, with a slightly more authentic metallic appearance.

Overflow Drain Finishes

Tub Clawfoot Comparisons

Comparisons of Clawfoot Finishes

This option will allow you to chose a finish/color for the claw feet. If you have a special solid color choice of your own, you can email us the details

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LUXWIDE ‘Carlito-ACH73’ 73″ WHITE CpreAcryl Acrylic French Bateau Clawfoot Tub with an Aged Chrome Exterior plus Drain- (main photo here shows the 67″ version with Medici feet)

Product Details
This ‘Carlito-ACH73‘ is a simply stunning 73″ long LUXURY WIDE French Bateau clawfoot tub in bright white interior and a fabulous Aged Chrome exterior. To protect the exterior, we apply four layers of high grade clear lacquer. The feet are supplied unattached from the tub to allow for ease of movement and they are simple to install.

Tub Care and Maintenance
The high gloss acrylic or painted surfaces are very simple to maintain. For cleaning, we recommend a hot, damp soapy soft cloth, we don’t recommend anything abrasive. Never use bleach, ammonia or any scouring powders on either the tub or the fittings, these will cause damage. Should heavy marking occur, use a little non-abrasive polish on a soft cloth.