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Plumbing Fixture Maintenance (Tub fillers, Drains, Lavatory Faucets, Shower Packages and Feet)

Lacquered surfaces (chrome, brushed nickel and painted) - For best results in maintaining lacquered fixtures, it is advised to dab off any excess water left on the fixture with a soft cloth after every use. Always use dabbing action to dry off metal, not rubbing action. Water left on the metal surface to evaporate will form mineral deposits. Dust, toothpaste, shaving gel, hairspray, salts and any other products used in the bathroom could compromise the finish if not wiped off and left to settle on the fixture.

Un-Lacquered Living Finishes (oil rubbed bronze, polished nickel, un-lacquered brass and un-lacquered brushed brass) – Living finishes like un-lacquered brasses will naturally age and patina to display a beautiful individual appearance as they are exposed to the environment of the installation. This aging can be slowed using bees wax polish to protect the surface. Suitable metal polish can also be used to easily clean off any aging marks if the intent is to keep the product shiny.

Oil rubbed bronze is the most fragile of finishes and will easily become damaged with water deposits. We highly recommend to maintain an original appearance that the oil rubbed bronze is lightly polished with a non-abrasive car wax every 2 – 3 months, this will prevent water marks from settling.

Polished nickel is the most robust of living finishes and a soft cloth wipe will remove most marks. We also recommend the periodic use of a car wax polish to keep potentially damaging water marks from settling on the surfaces.


Never use abrasive cleaners of any kind, this includes bleach, ammonia or scouring powders, these can strip the lacquer and coating causing discoloration and corrosion of the base metal.