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Jetted Luxury Wide 'Fiamatta-J67' 67" WHITE Acryform Acrylic French Bateau Pedestal Tub plus Drain
Jetted Luxury Wide 'Fiamatta-J67' 67" WHITE Acryform Acrylic French Bateau Pedestal Tub plus Drain

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Requires a wall mounted or freestanding faucet (sold separately)
Includes integrated pop up drain, round overflow cover and drain hub
High gloss white tub interior and exterior
High gloss 'easy clean' slip resistant floor
In tub body aluminum sheet insulation
Acryform 3/4" tub shell thickness with narrow air gap
Reinforced tub base, weight tested to 1100 lbs
Detachable acrylic pedestal base that is fiberglass and resin reinforced
1HP self purging blower with a 600w heating element
16 individual air jets in the floor of the tub

Printer friendly spec. 67" tub
Integrated drain installation sheet

Approved and listed to ASME, ANSI and CSA standards
MA Code Accepted
Price: $2,995.00

Availability:: Usually Ships in 1 to 3 Business Days

Chromotherapy Light*:
Don't add a light
Add 7-color option light [Add $225.00]

Tub Exterior Finish (allow 10 days)*:
Leave as gloss white (ships 1-3 days)
I will email my choice of color (Allow 5 extra days to ship)

Drain and Overflow Finish*:
Chrome (no extra)
Brushed Nickel (no extra)
Oil Rubbed Bronze (no extra)
Polished Nickel (no extra)
Unlacquered Polished Brass (no extra)
Flat Black (no extra)

Jetted Luxury Wide 'Fiamatta-J67' 67" WHITE Acryform Acrylic French Bateau Pedestal Tub plus Drain - (main photo here shows the 73" version)

Product Details
This elegant 67" long French Bateau Pedestal hot air jetted tub is a very good size to enhance the enjoyment of a long, deep soak. The sloping ends of the tub offer very comfortable back support and the additional width presented in our entire range of tubs, makes this beautiful jetted tub feel even more spacious and totally luxurious This is a very spacious bathtub suitable for one taller person or even two medium sized bathers.

The air jets feel really relaxing as they caress your legs and body and bubble up through the water. With a 3-speed range, the bubbles can be from quite vigorous to soft and gentle. The heated air jets may seem a little cooler than the water temperature when first activated and even sometimes during normal use, but the 600w element does in fact heat them up to 135 degrees, much warmer than the water temperature.

The tub interior and exterior is a high gloss white with an easy clean slip resistant floor.
The pedestal is supplied unattached from the tub to allow for ease of movement and is simple to install. The pedestal is made from acrylic which is reinforced with fiberglass and resin.
The bathtub itself is constructed from Acryform which is an overall thickness of 3/4". All of our tubs are supplied with an integrated overflow and a pop-up drain in a range of finishes.
Our tubs can easily be installed from above floor level using either a drain hub connected to the floor pipe or a new style Quick Fit drain. We do not include a Quick Fit drain, but these are now available through most big box stores and all plumbing wholesalers.

Tub Care and Maintenance
The high gloss acrylic surfaces are very simple to maintain. For interior cleaning, we recommend a warm soapy soft cloth, we don't recommend anything abrasive. Never use bleach, ammonia or any scouring powders on either the tub or the fittings, these will cause damage. Should heavy staining occur, we recommend Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

Heated Air Jetting
    • Heated Air Jetting
      The heated air blower on the tub is located under the pedestal and can be accessed after installation by unscrewing the drain basket and lifting the tub over on its's side. As a safety precaution and in conjunction with cUL requirements, there is a pipe loop at the side of the tub that sits against the wall. We will call and ask you which side of the tub will be against the wall before installing this part.

      The heated blower has three speeds and one oscillating function. Each time you press the air control button, it will alter the speed. The blower also self purges to remove any residual water from the lines. This purge cycle will automatically commence 20 minutes after the air blower is switched off. If you press the button to try and stop the automatic purge, it will start again in another 20 minutes, so the blower must be allowed time to do a full purge.
      We allow for 3' of electrical cord coming from the tub pedestal to connect to a 15 amp GFCI on the wall. If you prefer that the electrical cable should just stay under the tub, you can instruct us of this.
      The blower must be connected to a 15 amp GFCI.