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Air Jetting

We offer heated air jetting on all of our tubs.

All of our PEDESTAL and SKIRTED tubs offer INTEGRATED Air Jetting. This means that the air blower is part of the tub and simply needs to be connected to the electrical supply using the standard 3-pin plug. As is normal in any bathroom setting, it does need to be connected to a 15 amp GFCI circuit.

All of our air jetted tubs include a self purge cycle and heated air.

Remote Air Blower - Clawfoot tubs
All of our CLAWFOOT tubs will have remote blowers. The remote blower can be placed in an adjoining room or in the bathroom perhaps in a cupboard.

1.Where is the blower fitted?
The blower can be positioned in a nearby cupboard or adjoining room.

2.How is the blower operated?

We supply a decorative pipe stand that will match the color of your faucet to house the air button switch. This stand can easily be positioned anywhere to suit the position of the tub.

3.Where are the jets?

The jets are on the base of the tubs.

4.How do I connect the remote blower?

After you have decided on the housing area for the blower, you insert the ‘Quick Connect Coupling’ supplied to the ‘Air Hose’ supplied to the ‘Quick Connect Coupling’ that we fit to the tub.

When you place your order that requires a remote blower, we will ask which side of your tub will be against the wall and we will position the ‘Quick Connect Coupling’ on that side to hide it from view. This does not apply to double ended tubs as the coupling will always be in the center of the tub at the drain.

5.Will the jets air lines fill with water?

We use a twin back-flow prevention valve set up to prevent water flowing back down the jet tube to the blower. Any water that enters the air tubing will be completely blown out and the air lines dried when the automatic purge cycle on the blower activates (30 minutes after de-activating the blower).

6.Will the jets ever become clogged?

The opening in the jets itself is about 1/8”. In the very unlikely event that a jet does become clogged, it can be cleared easily by inserting a thin object to loosen and activating the blower to blow out.

7.Can I use bubble bath or aromatherapy oils?

Yes. But remember the agitation of the jets might cause the bubble bath to become very bubbly indeed causing them to spill out of the bath.

8.What electrical connection will I need?

The blower requires a dedicated 15 amp – 120 volt GFCI.

9. How loud is the blower?

We use one of the quietest blowers in the industry. When you are using the blowers, most of the noise you will hear is from the bubble action, there will either be very little or no noise noticeable from the blower itself.